Writing an essay is one of the biggest challenges in the literature. Although there is some structure, the essay frees the writer to express his thought fully, which means that there is no way to catch to something stable while we write. The essay must be well written but also well served, making the writing even more complicated. Therefore, in the following lines we’ve selected some tips to help you when writing an essay.

First, never start writing right away. Well, of course, if you get a serious burst of inspiration you can, but these moments are rare. Good practice is primarily to write off some main ideas of the draft, then consider them carefully and only when ready to start with the actual writing.

Another useful tip is to split the essay into three separate parts. You know its structure suggests three parts of the essay – An introduction, a main part and the final. The final is the place to present your conclusion or new original idea. Don’t forget to try making a smooth transitions between the three parts, but they should still be separated.

Concreteness is another important factor when writing an essay. Most often, the author loses it in the introduction. The reason is that in order to preserve the structure of the essay, the writer sometimes offers a very general introduction. The principle is quite the reverse. The introduction should be as specific, leading directly to the subject and written in a way that takes the reader’s breath. This is one of the most difficult steps in writing, but it is a huge step towards a truly well-written essay.

The last advice that you will find in this brief article is to create the essay in your own way. We know that this is very common advice, but it is a fact. The essay suggests to express yourself. Do it boldly and with the idea that you have something important to say. Never underestimate yourself and do not fear.

Keep in mind the above tips when writing your essays and they will certainly be better, more interesting and more yours. Enjoy writing.

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