For many people to write an essay is one of the most difficult tasks and many prefer to use some other forms of expression. However, these people lose a lot by not using one of the most interesting and challenging genres in the prose. It is important to know that the origin of the word “essay” is from the French word “essayer” or “try”. That alone is enough to tell us that to the essay we should approach with no concern but with the attitude that it is something new and something which is in itself enjoyable.

In fact, this is our first advice when it comes to writing an essay. Leave behind all your worries and fears and enjoy the opportunity with your own words to express your position on a subject. The process of writing an essay gives you the opportunity to leave your own, albeit small footprint in the global knowledge and who would refuse such a thing.

Of course, like any genre in the literature the essay has its rules and best practices. One of them is included in the choice of the topic on which you have decided to write. It is good the theme you have chosen for your essay not be fully developed or you to be able to present new perspective on already written or said opinions. There is no point in your essay you to write on already expressed opinions. This could be even viewed as distasteful.

Another extremely important point in writing an essay is that the opinion of the writer must be supported by facts, examples, arguments and so on. It can not just be a carrier of any freely expressed thoughts, but should be just a few steps away from a real scientific piece of work.

Of course, the main difference between a scientific report and your essay is the form of presenting it. When writing an essay you are allowed to use convenient, fun, even street language and thus predispose and entertain the readers.

Last for this article would be the thing we started with. When writing an essay, be yourself. Be sharp, concise, reasoned and thorough, but remember to be yourself and put your mark on the writing history.


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